Atheana Pichu
Corrina Hammond
Don Portelance
Hadis Vahidi
Lindsay Lorraine
Luke Pardy
Meichen Waxer
Mohadese Movahed
Samantha Harrison


August 26 - October 28, 2022

This year’s juried exhibition invites reflection on legacy.  What have we inherited? What do future generations stand to inherit from us?  Epigenetics reveals the way trauma and resilience lodges in our bodies and is passed down through generations. The land bears scars from colonial exploitation in the absence of Indigenous land management.  Both our bodies and the land carry the results of choices made from previous generations that in turn impact the choices of future generations.  What we leave behind contemplates how we allow the future to break through in our present and what we owe to the human and non-human inhabitants that will come after.