Fort Gallery in the News

2020 Aldergrove Star “New Art Exhibit: Fraser River as Seen by the Salmon”
2020 Aldergrove Star “Indigenous Artist Manuel Axel Strain Asks Who or What is Deemed Safe and Visible in New Exhibition”
2020 Aldergrove Star “Fort Gallery Re-Opens Part Time to Public with Exhibition of Artist Richard Bond’s Work”

2020 Aldergrove Star “Fort Gallery Showcases Isolation with New Exhibition of Works Created During COVID”
2020 Galleries West “House Call: Anne Steves”
2020 Langley Advance Times “Fort Gallery’s New Exhibition Aims to Lure in Fishing Aficionados”
2020 Langley Advance Times “Langley’s Fort Gallery Explores the Fraser River in 2020 with a Series of Exhibitions”
2020 The Tyee Ruins, Relics and Rambo on the banks of the Fraser
2019 Langley Advance Times “Richmond Artist Takes over Fort Gallery…for a while…”
2019 Langley Advance Times “New Fort Gallery Exhibit Aims to Challenge, Provoke and Dare”
2019 Langley Advance Times “Artist’s Landscapes and Botanical Oil Paintings Come to Fort Langley”
2019 Aldergrove Star “A September Filled with Langley Artists”
2019 Langley Advance Times “150 Spoons and Counting”
2019 Langley Advance Times “Artist Takes Langley Beyond Barriers”
2019 Aldergrove Star “Langley’s Fort Gallery Explores the Abstract in New Exhibition”
2019 Aldergrove Star “Sister Speaks About Late Artist’s Work at Posthumous Show in Fort Langley”
2019 Langley Advance Times “Wax Base for Late Artist’s Show at Fort Gallery”
2019 Langley Advance Times “Twelve Artists Selected to Display art in Fort Gallery”
2019 Langley Advance Times “Bird-Watching Goes Indoors”
2019 Langley Advance Times “Fort Gallery Exhibit and Poetry Reading Caters to Bird Lovers”
2018 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Exhibit Touches on Climate Change
2018 Langley Advance “Foursome Unites in Fort Langley Show
2018 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Exhibition Explores the Human Mind”
2018 Langley Times “Don Portelance Showcases Abstract Work in Fort Langley”
2018 Langley Times “Arrivals/Departures Opens at the Fort Gallery”
2018 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Juried Photo Show Features 19 Artists”

2018 Aldergrove Star “Photographers Share View of Endangered Wilderness in Langley Exhibit”
2018 Langley Advance “World Renowned Langley Photographer Emerges into Expressive Abstract Artist”
2018 Langley Times “Renowned Fine Art Photographer Eric Klemm Showcases New Work in Fort Langley”
2018 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Juried Show Features 13 Local Artists”
2018 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Renews Call for Artists for 2018 Juried Show”
2018 Langley Advance “Langley Exhibit Spotlights Fusion and a Few of the Finer Things in Life”
2018 Langley Times “Artists Explore Change and Beauty in Fort Gallery Show”
2018 CBC News “Maple Ridge Painter Finds her Muse Amid Urban Sprawl: the Common Barn”

2018 Langley Advance “Fascination with Farmland Motivates new Art Exhibition in Fort Langley”
2018 Langley Times “Maple Ridge Artist Captures Local Barns on Canvas”
2018 Langley Advance “TWU Presents Bard in Bellbottoms on Langley Campus Stage”
2018 Langley Times “TWU Students Hold Honours Exhibition at The Fort Gallery”
2018 Langley Times “Leonard Cohen Lyrics Inspire Fort Gallery’s Group Exhibition”
2018 Langley Advance “Fort Gallery in Langley Hosts Free Events Featuring Local Artists”
2017 Langley Advance “Fort Langley Gallery Artists Collaborate to Celebrate Winter Solstice”
2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Celebrates Winter Solstice”
2017 Langley Times “Exhibit Share New Perspective on Refugee Crisis and Swedish Automobiles”
2017 CBC News “Refugees, Resilience and Reliable Cards: Langley Art Exhibit Juxtaposes Syrian Refugees in Lebanon with Volvos”
2017 Langley Advance “Volvos from War-Torn Lebanon Inspire Fort Langley Art Exhibit”
2017 Langley Advance “Video: Fort Gallery hosts Port Kells Singing Harpist”
2017 Langley Times “Celtic Harpist Performs at The Fort Gallery”
2017 Langley Times “Go on a Journey at The Fort Gallery”
2017 Langley Advance “Fort Gallery Promotes New Works from Emerging Langley Artists”
2017 Langley Advance “Remembering a Friend and Fellow Artist with a Ft Langley Exhibition”
2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Honours Late Artist Jo-Ann Sheen”
2017 Langley Times “An Evening of Drumming at The Fort Gallery”
2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Hosts Textile Art Show”

2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Celebrates Canada 150 with ic(o!)nic Canada”
2017 Langley Advance “Gallery in Ft Langley Celebrates Canada 150 with Exhibit”
2017 Langley Advance “Auctioning Off Postcard Art in Ft Langley Helps Mark Canada’s 150th”
2017 Langley Times “Canadian Postcards Needed for Upcoming Fort Gallery Exhibition”
2017 Langley Advance “Langley Galleries Showcase a Mix of Artistic Works”
2017 Langley Times “David Kimura and Suzanne Northcott run joint Fort Gallery Show”
2017 Langley Times “Falk Brings Colour to Fort Gallery Exhibit”
2017 Langley Advance “Singer/Musician to Perform Amid Gallery Art in Langley”
2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Explores Proximity and Distance in New Show”

2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Hosts Book Launch for Langley Poet Susan McCaslin”
2017 Langley Times “Photos: Drawn to Draw”

2017 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Goes Floral”
2017 Langley Times “Pertaining to Rain”
2017 Langley Times “Gallery Showcases Matrix of Work”
2016 Langley Advance “Small Wonder People Head to Fort Langley Art Gallery”
2016 Langley Advance “Art Being Unveiled, Celebrated and Sought”
2016 Langley Times “Fort Gallery in Transition”
2016 Sport 6 “Fort Gallery Opens 22 Artist Exhibit”
2016 BC Local News “Photos: Art Farm”
2016 Langley Times “Fort Gallery Explores Monarch Metaphor in Juried Show”
2016 Anything for Alzheimers “Edge of Darkness into Light”
2016 Langley Times “Inside Stories-Langley Artists Transform Kimonos Into Art”
2016 Langley Advance “Artists Return for Langley Gallery Show”
2016 Langley Times “When Hardware Becomes Art”
2016 Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows News “Local Artist Examines Feelings of Love and Loss”
2015 Langley Times “Fort Gallery comes Full Circle” alumni show

2015 Langley Advance “Fort Langley Collective marks 10 years” alumni show
2014 Langley Times “Reflections on Giverny” article
2013 Langley Times “Up on the Beach” article.

2013 Langley Times “Cloudscapes” & “Sketches of Venice” article.
2013 Langley Times “Sublimity: Iceland & Greenland” article.
2013 Langley Advance “Irises” & “Signs of the Times” article.
2013 Langley Times “Irises” & “Signs of the Times” article.
2013 Langley Times “Psalms” article.
2013 Langley Advance “Black & White” show article.

2013 Langley Times “What I See, Plain and Simple” article.
2013 Langley Times “Written in the Forest” article.
2013 Langley Advance “Written in the Forest” article.
2013 Abbottsford News “Boneyard” article.
2013 Langley Advance “Auld Acquaintance II” article.
2013 Langley Times “At Large” article.
2013 Langley Times “Inspired and Irregular” article.
2013 Langley Advance “Inspired and Irregular” article.
2012 Langley Times “Small Wonder” article.
2012 Langley Advance Attention” article.
2012 Langley Times Attention” article.
2012 Langley Times “Blue Plate Special” article.
2012 Langley Advance 2012 Blue Plate Special” article.
2012 Langley Times Power and Connection” article.
2012 Langley Advance 
Dimensions” article.
2012 Langley Times 
Dimensions” article.
2012 Langley Times “Art Farm” article.
2012 Langley Advance “Art Farm” article.

2012 Langley Today Unseen and In Between” article.
2012 Langley Times Night Moves” article.
2012 Langley Times Plein Air” article.
2012 Langley Times To Every Thing… a Season” article.
2012 Langley Advance Back to the Garden / Up Close and Personal” article.
2012 Langley Times Package Deal” article.
2012 The Now News (third article) Looking Inward” article.
2012 Langley Advance Hardware II” article.
2012 Langley Advance Large Show” article.
2012 Langley Times Continuum” article.
2012 Langley Times Auld Acquaintances” article.
2011 Langley Times Small Wonders” article.
2011 SamC News Trace Elements” article.
2011 Langley Times Connections” article.
2011 Surrey Now Connections” article.
2011 Langley Times Circulation” article.
2011 Langley Times Blue Plate Special” article.

2011 Langley Advance Blue Plate Special” article.
2011 The Delta Optimist Paintscapes and GlassShapes II” article.
2011 Langley Times “Summer Salon” article.
2011 White Rock Culture’s Transformations” article.
2011 Langley Advance In Transition” article.

2011 Langley Times “In Transition” article.
2011 Langley Times Construction/Deconstruction” article.
2011 Langley Times Ride” article.

2011 Langley Advance Ride” article.
2011 Langley Times Sunday Tea” article.
2011 Langley Times Antiquity Reconstructed” article.
2011 Langley Times The Five Seasons” article.